Unexpected but amazing “visit”

Its been quite a while since I have blogged.  Been very busy with volunteering with Shultz’s Guest House and picked up a very big project at work.  Oh yeah and I was on vacation…which is what this posting relates to…

For by big “_0” birthday, my brother and father sent me to Paris.  I had never been to Europe, do not speak French and all of my friends that had made plans to go with me had to back out.  Decided to go anyways.  I had a rough birthday this year and this was to celebrate a milestone in my life.  I did all the crazy tourist things you can do and just had a blast!!!

My first full day in Paris was on a Sunday.  I found my way down to Notre Dame to explore this icon of Paris which fascinated me since I studied it in art history in college.  Took tons of pictures of the outside and decided to go look at the inside.  There was a mass going on (Sunday morning and all) which made the experience even more special.  Walked around gazing at the stained glass, the ceiling, just about everything and in total awe of what I was seeing.  I looked down at one of the altars that was set up and saw this…

I was completely floored and started crying.  Lupe was named for the Virgin of Guadelupe (I was doing my graduate research in Mexico and was so enthralled with the legend and the way this apparition of the Virgin Mary had become such a huge part of Mexico and especially women).  If I had been in a church or cathedral in Mexico this wouldn’t have come as a surprise, but in Notre Dame in Paris?!  Totally unexpected.  I realized at that point that it was October 14th, marking 4 months since my girl earned her wings.

I used to see shrines to the Virgin in every church and market I went to in Mexico and it would remind me that my home was waiting for me back in the States in the form of a little puppy that I had to leave to finish my research and studies.  In the years that I had her, everytime I saw this image, I smiled and thought about my sweet girl who would be so happy to see me when I came home.  To see her in Paris just screamed to me that no matter what, she is my home and always with me even (across the Atlantic).  Nothing can take that away…my little tan girl looks down and smiles, happy I am living life and remembering the lessons she taught me and the love she gave me.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected but amazing “visit””

  1. Wow. That really is a big sign that wanted to remind you she is never far away. I really believe that there are no coincidences; so many incidents could have prevented you from seeing that shrine, but Lupe made sure everything happened just the way it was supposed to.

    That’s a pretty darn special birthday gift in my opinion! What a sweet pup. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.


  2. What a wonderful birthday present! Isn’t it amazing how things seem to happen — I like to believe that everything happens for a reason. I often wondered where Lupe had got her name from — and that is a beautiful story in itself. You not only have Angel Lupe watching over you, but also our Lady of Guadalupe.
    Happy Birthday!

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