All packed up cuz’ he’s got somewhere to go…

Its traveling day today for Barney…he’s all smushed into his box and awaiting for his next destination.  Today, from what I am told, is the first in person delivery of Barney on the Kill Barney Tour.  It turns out that the next pawrent and I work very close to each other so she is stopping by to pick up the purple menace.

Barney in a Box
Barney in a Box


Thank you again to Holly & Clyde’s pack for sending him onto to Boston (truth be told, I live in Newton and not actually withing the city limits of Boston, but Newton is home to Fig Newton, Heartbreak Hill and some claim Boston College, but that’s really Chestnut Hill).  It was so much fun playing host to Barney, to smell his stentch, to have him meet the extended members of Angel Lupe’s pack and to read about the wonderful adventures he has had prior to his trip to MA.

If you haven’t hosted him before, I HIGHLY recommend you request to do so…even if your sweet Tripawds has earned their wings.  It just so happens that today it has been 7 months since my sweet girl did, it seems fitting that Barney moves on today as well to another family.

Fun around town…Beantown that is :)

Barney finally did make it into Boston!  I live and work in the suburbs so Angel Lupe’s Auntie Maria (see previous post and below for picture) took a special trip in to show Barney around…it was the day after a pretty decent snowstorm so some of the planned stops had to be cancelled.  It wasn’t a duck tour but we had a blast!

First stop was a scared place to the members of Red Sox Nation…Fenway Park!  The park was closed but Barney got to explore Kenmore Square and see the oldest ballpark in the major leagues.  Honestly, if his visit was during the season, I would SO have brought him to a game.  There is something electric about this stadium, the noise of the crowd, the crack of the bat and singing Sweet Caroline during the 8th inning.  I’ve been to about 1/2 of the major league parks and while I think the new ones are amazing, Fenway is a must see…I’ve even had Yankees fans agree to that statement 🙂

Outside Fenway :)
Outside Fenway 🙂

From there, Barney crossed the river into Cambridge to gaze upon the oldest institution of higher education in the United States, Harvard University.  He got to see Harvard Square (which is a lot of fun if you ever get a chance to come to the area, fun shopping, good food and a great place to just walk around) and insisted that I pull over and get a picture of him in front of Harvard Yard…mind you it was a no parking and no standing zone, but how could I resist?

Bahney pahked his cah nea Hahvahd Yahd!
Bahney pahked his cah nea Hahvahd Yahd!

There were tons of people walking around and I got a lot of funny looks and snickers for holding a raggedy purple dinosaur in a skull dress up for a picture…like that would bother me?!  Noticed the gates are locked…they know better than to let a houligan like Barney in to such a prestigious institution 😉

Barney crossed the Charles again passing the waterfront (couldn’t get near the U.S.S. Constitution unfortunately) and the North End (the Italian neighborhood…awesome food and Mike’s pastry shop is a must stop for cannoli…the line moves fast and its worth the wait!) on the way to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall.

Outside of Quincy Market
Outside of Quincy Market

Barney was so excited to see this historic area, especially when I explained to him that this was a meeting place for the colonists just before the Revolutionary War and is referred to as the “Cradle of Liberty”.  We tried to get over to the Cheers that on the other side of the market but it was closed.  This is not the original “Cheers” which is the Bull & Finch over on Beacon Hill, but a replica of the tv set…Barney had said he wanted to sit on the bar, next to a Sam Adams and have people call out his name like they did with Norm.  Speaking of Sam Adams, I had also hoped to take Barney to Sam Adams’ grave but it was covered in snow and so were the duck statues from the book “Make Way for Ducklings”…darn snow!

On New Years Eve, Barney came with Maria and I (in spirit only) to a concert at the House of Blues on Landsdowne Street (right across from Fenway Park).  The Mighty Mighty Bosstones were playing the last of their 3 night annual shows and I became a huge fan of theirs back in college.  It was a great way to say good bye to 2012 and hello to 2013, singing and dancing around.

Maria and I outside Kenmore Square - New Years Eve 2012
Maria and I outside Kenmore Square – New Years Eve 2012

The Bosstones put on an amazing show as always!  Their set was spectacular, they had a replica of the CITGO (or when a Bosox player hits a homerun…C It Go!) with working lights and the were wearing tails and top hats…no plaid but hey it was a fancy affair.

Dickey Barrett (lead singer of the MMB)
Dickey Barrett (lead singer of the MMB)

Barney’s time with me is coming to an end…I’m just waiting to hear back from his next host for him to move on.  I truly enjoyed having him stay with me.  I know Lupe would have loved to see him, cuddle him, chew on him and of course smell him.  The spirits of the tripawd warriors is within him and now Angel Lupe’s has been added.

Thank you all who have participated in this and his other adventures.  Thank you Spirit Jerry and your pack for keeping this going.  And to the purple menace, thank you for bringing fun and happiness in my life in a way I didn’t think was possible for a stuffed dinosaur to do 🙂

Round and round he goes, where he’ll end up nobody knows…well, for now only a few do 🙂


More time for Barney in the Hub

Just before New Years Barney had an overnight with another of Angel Lupe’s “Aunties”…she had a lot, hey my friends adored her and on their own declared themselves official “Aunties”…what can I say she was a rockstar 🙂

This one with with her Auntie Dawn and her dogs, Shilo, Koda and Angel Jaxx.  Barney wanted to see Gillette Stadium so in a driving snow storm, we took him to Foxboro.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get too close to the stadium, there was a game the next day and the snow was pretty bad, but he was excited to see the home of the Pats!

Go Pats!
Go Pats!

Barney met the sweet Shilo, although Shilo is not a fan of stuffed toys, guess she got into trouble after destroying some stuffed animals when she was younger.  But we were able to get a shot of her and Barney together…

Barney & Shilo
Barney & Shilo

Then Koda decided she couldn’t let Barney just sit on the counter or pose for pictures, he needed so quality chew and playtime…so she took it upon herself to give him so pitbull love.  Honestly, we were concerned that this could have been the end of the purple guy…Koda is pretty rough with toys (she has destroyed a number of the “indistructible” Kongs).

Koda & Barney...action shot
Koda & Barney…action shot
This Barney is MINE!!!

It took quite a bit of coaxing to get Mr. B from her jaws but we were successful and he was in one piece…a little stinker and VERY dizzy!

In the next post, Barney will share with you his visit to town (Boston & Cambridge)…unfortunately, his travels around the city were hindered by snow but he did get to see a few of the big sights and had a blast doing so 🙂

A few busy days for Mr. Barney

So I’m a little late on updating Barney’s visit to Boston…please forgive my tardiness but he has had some fun!

Christmas day he met Lupe’s friends the Shapiros whom I have known since I was college, they were one of the families at the daycare center on campus.  Their 4 year old is now 24 ish, yikes I’m old!  Anyways, I mentioned their dog Eli in my last Barney update.  Unfortunately, Eli wasn’t in a playful mood so we only got a picture of him and Barney lounging around…

Barney & Eli
Barney & Eli

Barney also behaved and posed with their Christmas tree…unfortunately I was unable to get an ornament for Lupe this year, so it will have to be next Christmas.

Merry Christmas Barney!
Merry Christmas Barney!

Barney also got to meet one of Lupe’s “Aunties”, Maria.  Maria was one of her favorite humans because she has very long nails and gave the best scratches.  Maria also would Lupe-sit whenever needed.  Auntie Maria came to Boston for New Years, 2012 was a tough year for both of us so we decided to spend the last days together and rock in 2013 (more on that later).

Barney & Auntie Maria
Barney & Auntie Maria

On Saturday, things got a little crazy…more to come on that 🙂

Barney’s Adventures in MA – Take 1

So the purple menace has made it to Boston (well, the suburbs of…he hasn’t “officially” been into town, yet…)

This past weekend he took a trip to Western MA to meet some of Lupe’s family and see the sights of the area (there aren’t many…)

I explained the whole Kill Barney Tour to my brother, father and father’s girlfriend and they think it is a wonderful idea.

Barney met Sugar, my dad’s “maltese” (we have our suspicions that she’s a mix with either a Bichon or a Poodle).  Sugar is about 4 years old and followed Lupe around like a puppy, oh wait, she is one.  She’s definitely not the best behaved dog and is not normal in any way, but she means well and had fun with Barney.

Sugar and Barney, post introductory chewing
Sugar and Barney, post introductory chewing

Barney also went to probably the biggest thing to see in Springfield, the Basketball Hall of Fame.  He didn’t go in but he was excited to be in the birthplace of basketball.

Barney outside the Basketball Hall of Fame
Barney outside the Basketball Hall of Fame

He has had a quiet Christmas Day, resting with Angel Lupe’s favorite toy (Lion-Monkey-Bear).  And you all thought Barney was a little destroyed?  Lupe tore LMB to shreds as a pup, she used to carry him around all the time and I never was able to get rid of him, eventhough he is truly held together by threads 🙂

Barney & LMB
Barney & LMB

Barney needed a day of rest as tonight he is going over to meet another one of Lupe’s friends, Eli…a neurotic dachshund.  I’m sure there will be pictures to follow.  He is also making his list of things he wants to see in Boston…top of his list are Fenway Park and Harvard Square 🙂  The dinosaur has taste!

Merry Christmas to the wonderful Tripawds family!!!

Celebration of life

Today marks 6 months since I had to let Lupe go.  Its been a rough road but I’m actually glad (in a way) to reach this milestone.

I miss her more than word can express.  I think about her every single day.  But the smiles out number the tears and the happiness from the years I shared with her is stronger than the pain.  At least on most days.

I know there will never be another one like her but I do feel so blessed to have had shared her life with her.  I believe that a soul’s legacy is in rememberance and to cherish what was shared.

For 14 years Lupe had 2 eyes and for almost 15 years she had 4 legs.  The last year she lost her eye to glaucoma and the last week of her life one of her legs to cancer, but she was more than a sum of her illnesses.  She was silly, cuddly, fluffy, loving, sweet, goofy and truly my soulmate.  She would make me laugh with a simple cock of her head and make me angry with her stubborness (which she learned from me) and the end made me cry when I had no other choice but to hold her and let her go.

So to mark this milestone, I ask you all to give extra scratches, rubs, hugs, kisses and yummies.  Lupe’s favorite were ear and butt scratches, belly rubs and kisses on her nose so if you can give one of those and think of her that would be fantastic.

I thank you all for your support and kind words.  I don’t normally have a lot to contribute to my experiences through Lupe’s diagnosis and short recovery, but you are all in my thoughts and prayers.  I celebrate each milestone I read about and grieve for every loss.  I hope my comments and support aren’t annoying or feel unfounded and I hope to continue to make them.

I am not sure if I will continue this blog, but I have upgraded it today to show my gratitude towards you all during my short time online with you all and to hopefully help those who find you all in the future.

As I usually seem to do, I end this post with a picture of my girl.  This was taken in January 2011, about 6 months after we moved from Albany, NY to the Greater Boston area.  It was a particularly snowy winter and Lupe adored the snow, she would bound through it like a bunny and bury herself as she rolled around, gathering little snowballs on her fur (hence the coat).  Typical Lupe just standing there, looking at me like “What? You wanna take another picture?”

Lupe’s Snow Day January 2011

5 months

Miss my little stinkerdoodle all the time but time has made the pain and loneliness without her less severe.

A friend sent this to me a while back and it has new meaning to me as the days, weeks and months pass, so I thought I would share it here…

“It came to me that every time I lost a dog, they take a piece of my heart with them and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart.  If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will become dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.”  -Nancy Wenner

I have a lot of dogs that are coming in and out of my life lately with volunteering and each one does add a little bit of itself to help fill the hole and void that losing Lupe has left me with.  I know that it will never fully close because she will always have a piece of my heart but I do treasure the love and joy that I have experienced since she crossed the rainbow bridge.  Extra snuggles and belly rubs to all of your Tripawds and Monkey Butts today…they deserve it 🙂

Lupe July 2011

Unexpected but amazing “visit”

Its been quite a while since I have blogged.  Been very busy with volunteering with Shultz’s Guest House and picked up a very big project at work.  Oh yeah and I was on vacation…which is what this posting relates to…

For by big “_0” birthday, my brother and father sent me to Paris.  I had never been to Europe, do not speak French and all of my friends that had made plans to go with me had to back out.  Decided to go anyways.  I had a rough birthday this year and this was to celebrate a milestone in my life.  I did all the crazy tourist things you can do and just had a blast!!!

My first full day in Paris was on a Sunday.  I found my way down to Notre Dame to explore this icon of Paris which fascinated me since I studied it in art history in college.  Took tons of pictures of the outside and decided to go look at the inside.  There was a mass going on (Sunday morning and all) which made the experience even more special.  Walked around gazing at the stained glass, the ceiling, just about everything and in total awe of what I was seeing.  I looked down at one of the altars that was set up and saw this…

I was completely floored and started crying.  Lupe was named for the Virgin of Guadelupe (I was doing my graduate research in Mexico and was so enthralled with the legend and the way this apparition of the Virgin Mary had become such a huge part of Mexico and especially women).  If I had been in a church or cathedral in Mexico this wouldn’t have come as a surprise, but in Notre Dame in Paris?!  Totally unexpected.  I realized at that point that it was October 14th, marking 4 months since my girl earned her wings.

I used to see shrines to the Virgin in every church and market I went to in Mexico and it would remind me that my home was waiting for me back in the States in the form of a little puppy that I had to leave to finish my research and studies.  In the years that I had her, everytime I saw this image, I smiled and thought about my sweet girl who would be so happy to see me when I came home.  To see her in Paris just screamed to me that no matter what, she is my home and always with me even (across the Atlantic).  Nothing can take that away…my little tan girl looks down and smiles, happy I am living life and remembering the lessons she taught me and the love she gave me.

Another milestone

Guess the hard day each month with be the 14th.  Two months ago today I let Lupe go.  I have thought back on that morning a lot lately and some of the reflections have not been good.  The “what if” moments are horrible and doubting decisions while hurtful is a part of grief and healing…hopefully a very short part of it.  I try to remember the good, the happy and the silly and to know that as much as it hurt me to let her go, keeping her would have hurt her even more.

I had a spirit reading last week and have had time to reflect on it a little.  One of the things the reader said is that she sensed a dog.  She described it as small and light colored…now all of my dogs have been under 20 pounds and most of them white.  This dog wasn’t white though.  She said it was adorable and looked like a stuffed animal, she focused closely on its face and then drew this.I honestly could not speak so we moved on.  At the end we came back to the dog and she said it wasn’t tan or beige but lighter than that, almost blonde and kind of scruffy.  She had first mentioned a terrier (which I have never had) and then said the breed was something with a “c” but not a collie.  Cocker spaniel?  Yes similar hair but not exactly…so I said cockapoo and she said yes.  This dog was being loved and held by women and she got a sense of true happiness when she looked at it.  There were other things she said but seeing her draw the face just floored me.  If our loved ones can come forward why wouldn’t they include our beloved animals?

So while I am sad today, I do feel comfort in knowing that she is happy, healthy, safe and warm in someone’s loving arms (reader hinted that the woman was either one of my grandmothers or my mom…and this was before she knew my mom had past).  And I continue on with my memories to keep me going and my tears to remind me that I have truly loved and been loved.  Be well my sweet Lupedog.

Its been a month…

I have had the same picture of Lupe on my desk at work for almost 10 years and I found a quote in a daily calendar I once had.  “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.” – Louis Sabin.  Until the last month or so, I never fully understood how much richer my life was because I shared it with her.

It was 1 month ago today that I had to let Lupe go.  Truly not a day goes by that I don’t think of her, expect to see her when I walk into the door, or cry that she’s gone.  I had thought of so many things that I could do today to keep my mind of things, but honestly I don’t want to do a single thing.  I feel like garbage and completely numb.

An old friend and I had lunch yesterday and she told me that my attitude towards all that happened is amazing that I’m grounded and rational about it all.  If she could have seen the tears behind my sunglasses or felt the lump in my throat maybe she would have a different opinion.  I mean, it was no one’s fault and I’m not mad at anyone but I’m pissed that I lost my dog and I want her back!  I’ve noticed this angry feeling more over the last few days…I need to channel this anger, hopefully back to exercising or volunteering.

To my devine Miss L, words cannot express the void you have left in my life.  I thank you for all the joy you brought me and I’m truly sorry that all we tried didn’t help.  So many people were pulling for you, so many people who wanted you to happy and healthy, no one more than me.  I hope you are running free and getting belly rubs and ear scratches.  Know I miss you and that I love you my sweet stinkerdoodle.

Lupe at Daycare