Barney’s Adventures in MA – Take 1

So the purple menace has made it to Boston (well, the suburbs of…he hasn’t “officially” been into town, yet…)

This past weekend he took a trip to Western MA to meet some of Lupe’s family and see the sights of the area (there aren’t many…)

I explained the whole Kill Barney Tour to my brother, father and father’s girlfriend and they think it is a wonderful idea.

Barney met Sugar, my dad’s “maltese” (we have our suspicions that she’s a mix with either a Bichon or a Poodle).  Sugar is about 4 years old and followed Lupe around like a puppy, oh wait, she is one.  She’s definitely not the best behaved dog and is not normal in any way, but she means well and had fun with Barney.

Sugar and Barney, post introductory chewing
Sugar and Barney, post introductory chewing

Barney also went to probably the biggest thing to see in Springfield, the Basketball Hall of Fame.  He didn’t go in but he was excited to be in the birthplace of basketball.

Barney outside the Basketball Hall of Fame
Barney outside the Basketball Hall of Fame

He has had a quiet Christmas Day, resting with Angel Lupe’s favorite toy (Lion-Monkey-Bear).  And you all thought Barney was a little destroyed?  Lupe tore LMB to shreds as a pup, she used to carry him around all the time and I never was able to get rid of him, eventhough he is truly held together by threads 🙂

Barney & LMB
Barney & LMB

Barney needed a day of rest as tonight he is going over to meet another one of Lupe’s friends, Eli…a neurotic dachshund.  I’m sure there will be pictures to follow.  He is also making his list of things he wants to see in Boston…top of his list are Fenway Park and Harvard Square 🙂  The dinosaur has taste!

Merry Christmas to the wonderful Tripawds family!!!

2 thoughts on “Barney’s Adventures in MA – Take 1”

  1. Hey Barney I think your brains are gonna spill out of your head! Time for a new outfit too, Mister. That dress is getting real old. You can put a new outfit on for winter, don’t forget!

    Looks like you’re having fun with Sugar. I vote that she’s part Bichon. What a face!

    Dang, I love that you get to see Boston. What a cool pack you have to show you around.

    Merry Christmas to all of you! xoxo

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