Celebration of life

Today marks 6 months since I had to let Lupe go.  Its been a rough road but I’m actually glad (in a way) to reach this milestone.

I miss her more than word can express.  I think about her every single day.  But the smiles out number the tears and the happiness from the years I shared with her is stronger than the pain.  At least on most days.

I know there will never be another one like her but I do feel so blessed to have had shared her life with her.  I believe that a soul’s legacy is in rememberance and to cherish what was shared.

For 14 years Lupe had 2 eyes and for almost 15 years she had 4 legs.  The last year she lost her eye to glaucoma and the last week of her life one of her legs to cancer, but she was more than a sum of her illnesses.  She was silly, cuddly, fluffy, loving, sweet, goofy and truly my soulmate.  She would make me laugh with a simple cock of her head and make me angry with her stubborness (which she learned from me) and the end made me cry when I had no other choice but to hold her and let her go.

So to mark this milestone, I ask you all to give extra scratches, rubs, hugs, kisses and yummies.  Lupe’s favorite were ear and butt scratches, belly rubs and kisses on her nose so if you can give one of those and think of her that would be fantastic.

I thank you all for your support and kind words.  I don’t normally have a lot to contribute to my experiences through Lupe’s diagnosis and short recovery, but you are all in my thoughts and prayers.  I celebrate each milestone I read about and grieve for every loss.  I hope my comments and support aren’t annoying or feel unfounded and I hope to continue to make them.

I am not sure if I will continue this blog, but I have upgraded it today to show my gratitude towards you all during my short time online with you all and to hopefully help those who find you all in the future.

As I usually seem to do, I end this post with a picture of my girl.  This was taken in January 2011, about 6 months after we moved from Albany, NY to the Greater Boston area.  It was a particularly snowy winter and Lupe adored the snow, she would bound through it like a bunny and bury herself as she rolled around, gathering little snowballs on her fur (hence the coat).  Typical Lupe just standing there, looking at me like “What? You wanna take another picture?”

Lupe’s Snow Day January 2011

4 thoughts on “Celebration of life”

  1. Lupe is beautiful and you can bet I will rub Bart’s butt, belly and give him a kiss right on his nose as we think about Lupe and her wonderful life with you.

    Thanks for sharing Lupe with us!

    Darcy & Bart

  2. It doesn’t seem like 6 months has passed already. I have read your blog and always feel better afterwards — you have such a positive attitude and I can tell your words come from your heart and soul. I hope you have a happy holiday season.

  3. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months. I was sad when I learned of lupe’s passing. I had hoped that surgery would grant you both more time together, but despite your best efforts, she had to go. I am glad that you are celebrating her memory with us and I sincerely hope that you will continue to blog on her behalf. The journey doesn’t end with your beloved’s passing and we are both here for you and welcome your words of encouragement. I myself feel that the end of our journey with cancer is nearing it’s end, and am terrified of the day I must let go. I cannot imagine living without my Bruno whom has made my life so full. I welcome any tips/ideas in dealing with grieving or celebration, and hope to continue to hear from you.
    Best wishes.

    Maricela & Bruno

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