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Many of you know that I began volunteering at a local dog rescue this summer to get my dog fix and to help try to begin the process of healing my broken heart after I lost Lupe.  After researching local rescues I decided to devote my time and energy (and my firm’s matching contribution for my time) to Shultz’s Guest House.  It was a magical place, convert horse farm with 200 acres of land where dogs can go hiking, swimming and get out of chaotic and overcrowded shelters (they even had a tripawd that was adopted before I could meet her).  I also knew that when I was ready, SGH would help me find my next dog (whose name will be Vivie).

This week I got an email from the rescue manager that SGH is closing its doors due to changes in tax guidelines.  It was a shock to me and most volunteers and I’m not sure of the whole story.  All I know is that a group of people who only wanted the best for dogs have put their mission and passion on hold to figure out how they continue.  All dogs (they only could take up to 10) have been adopted or put into foster, except 1 but fingers crossed as there is a potential adopter looking at him.  I thought about going down to the farm for one last day but I just don’t know if I can handle having to drive away from a place that helped me so much.

SGH reminded me that while we humans say that we rescue a dog, it is truly the dog that rescues us.  I can only hope that in the near future SGH can find a way to continue all the good they have done over the years.  Until then, I look for another rescue to help get me my dog fix and to continue filling the hole in my heart left by my sweet Lupe.

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  1. What a shame especially since they have a successful record of placement. You know, what you said about dogs rescuing their owners is so very true. And I know that Vivie will find you — who knows she might be out there looking now!

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