A few busy days for Mr. Barney

So I’m a little late on updating Barney’s visit to Boston…please forgive my tardiness but he has had some fun!

Christmas day he met Lupe’s friends the Shapiros whom I have known since I was college, they were one of the families at the daycare center on campus.  Their 4 year old is now 24 ish, yikes I’m old!  Anyways, I mentioned their dog Eli in my last Barney update.  Unfortunately, Eli wasn’t in a playful mood so we only got a picture of him and Barney lounging around…

Barney & Eli
Barney & Eli

Barney also behaved and posed with their Christmas tree…unfortunately I was unable to get an ornament for Lupe this year, so it will have to be next Christmas.

Merry Christmas Barney!
Merry Christmas Barney!

Barney also got to meet one of Lupe’s “Aunties”, Maria.  Maria was one of her favorite humans because she has very long nails and gave the best scratches.  Maria also would Lupe-sit whenever needed.  Auntie Maria came to Boston for New Years, 2012 was a tough year for both of us so we decided to spend the last days together and rock in 2013 (more on that later).

Barney & Auntie Maria
Barney & Auntie Maria

On Saturday, things got a little crazy…more to come on that 🙂

2 thoughts on “A few busy days for Mr. Barney”

  1. Hey Barney, I’m so glad you got to be surrounded by all that love and good people. What a beautiful Christmas you had, you’re livin’ large mister!

    So what happened at your rowdy pawty eh? Did you get your other eye ripped out of the socket?

  2. Forget the eye ripping, I want to know about the stench. How was the stench, Kori? Is that why Eli couldn’t play? I think poor Eli’s sniffer was overwhelmed by the stink. Poor guy couldn’t see clear of the cloud to get down and play.

    I’m curious to find out more, too!


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