More time for Barney in the Hub

Just before New Years Barney had an overnight with another of Angel Lupe’s “Aunties”…she had a lot, hey my friends adored her and on their own declared themselves official “Aunties”…what can I say she was a rockstar 🙂

This one with with her Auntie Dawn and her dogs, Shilo, Koda and Angel Jaxx.  Barney wanted to see Gillette Stadium so in a driving snow storm, we took him to Foxboro.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get too close to the stadium, there was a game the next day and the snow was pretty bad, but he was excited to see the home of the Pats!

Go Pats!
Go Pats!

Barney met the sweet Shilo, although Shilo is not a fan of stuffed toys, guess she got into trouble after destroying some stuffed animals when she was younger.  But we were able to get a shot of her and Barney together…

Barney & Shilo
Barney & Shilo

Then Koda decided she couldn’t let Barney just sit on the counter or pose for pictures, he needed so quality chew and playtime…so she took it upon herself to give him so pitbull love.  Honestly, we were concerned that this could have been the end of the purple guy…Koda is pretty rough with toys (she has destroyed a number of the “indistructible” Kongs).

Koda & Barney...action shot
Koda & Barney…action shot
This Barney is MINE!!!

It took quite a bit of coaxing to get Mr. B from her jaws but we were successful and he was in one piece…a little stinker and VERY dizzy!

In the next post, Barney will share with you his visit to town (Boston & Cambridge)…unfortunately, his travels around the city were hindered by snow but he did get to see a few of the big sights and had a blast doing so 🙂

3 thoughts on “More time for Barney in the Hub”

  1. Well, I wasn’t too worried about what Koda, but that snow storm looked c-c-c-c-cooooolllldddd! I’m surprised the purple freak didn’t turn into an ice cube! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of Barney’s adventures!

  2. Just catching up on your posts. Heeheee. Cute pics! Koda got him good! (Shilo looks very sweet and very worried – as she should be since Barney is, literally, a stinker!)

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