All packed up cuz’ he’s got somewhere to go…

Its traveling day today for Barney…he’s all smushed into his box and awaiting for his next destination.  Today, from what I am told, is the first in person delivery of Barney on the Kill Barney Tour.  It turns out that the next pawrent and I work very close to each other so she is stopping by to pick up the purple menace.

Barney in a Box
Barney in a Box


Thank you again to Holly & Clyde’s pack for sending him onto to Boston (truth be told, I live in Newton and not actually withing the city limits of Boston, but Newton is home to Fig Newton, Heartbreak Hill and some claim Boston College, but that’s really Chestnut Hill).  It was so much fun playing host to Barney, to smell his stentch, to have him meet the extended members of Angel Lupe’s pack and to read about the wonderful adventures he has had prior to his trip to MA.

If you haven’t hosted him before, I HIGHLY recommend you request to do so…even if your sweet Tripawds has earned their wings.  It just so happens that today it has been 7 months since my sweet girl did, it seems fitting that Barney moves on today as well to another family.

5 thoughts on “All packed up cuz’ he’s got somewhere to go…”

  1. I’m glad you had fun with Barney. He is certainly in a lot worse shape than International Barney!

    It’s amazing how he can lift your spirits isn’t it? We were surprised at how much fun it was to have him even though Magnum could not be there in body to rip him to pieces.

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